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Kellyville Shopping Centre

Kellyville now has 4 shopping centres to choose from. No matter what your shopping needs all of our Kellyville shopping centers are here to help. Your local shopping centers brought to you.
Simply choose from YOUR 4 local Kellyville shopping centers.

North Kellyville



Corner of Hezlette Rd & Withers Rd

North Kellyville Village (4).jpg

The North Village


Corner of Hezlette Rd & Samantha Riley Drive

The Village Centre.jpg

The Village Centre


29 Windsor Road Kellyville- Next to Kenards Hire





Wrights Rd Kellyville

Here is a list of common services offered at shopping centers:

  1. Retail stores selling a variety of goods, such as clothing, electronics, beauty products, and home goods.

  2. Food courts offering a range of fast food and sit-down restaurants.

  3. Entertainment options, such as movie theaters, arcades, and bowling alleys.

  4. Services, such as banks, ATMs, hair and nail salons, dry cleaners, and post offices.

  5. Grocery stores and supermarkets.

  6. Pharmacies and health clinics.

  7. Convenience stores and newsstands.

  8. Children's play areas.

  9. Parking facilities.

  10. Gift shops and specialty stores.

  11. Customer service desks and information centers.

  12. Public restrooms and baby changing stations.

  13. Wi-Fi access and charging stations.

  14. Security and lost and found services.


See why the suburb of Kellyville is one of Sydneys sort after areas for young familes and professionals



4-29 Windsor Road Kellyville NSW 2155 Castle Hill Australia

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